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Shady Al-Assaad

Dear Nerds

I want from to support me with many Docs, PDF and Projects done using PLC TWIDO Telemecanique especially with inverter Telemecanique Altivar 28 and soft starter ATS 01, 02, in order to help me in my Master degree.

Kindly note that I prefer the ladder diagram language in the above needs.

I hope your helps.

Awaiting your Kind and URGENT feedbacks.



Gilles Mazet

Dear Shady

I have a lot of applications files with Twido program, XBT, ATV28, ATS48, ATV58 for communication in Modbus between the Twido and the drive. The XBT is used to command and show some value of ATV The comments are in french langage... 1 of them for ATV58 is in english.

if you need, i can email you the zip files.

The lastest version of TwidoSoft has simplified the request of communication but the rules are similar.

best regards