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Eric M. Klintworth

Has anyone used the Prosoft Prolinx Gateway web servers?

They consist of a "black box" with two (or more) ports, one of which connects to a PLC, the other to a PC (typically via a network). It has the capability to serve up html pages with variables read from (and written to) the PLC.

My application is to monitor a small number of points in a PLC, and change a few setpoints. Several different PCs at different locations occasionally have need to monitor this PLC, so a typical MMI product (RSView, Fix, etc.) is a real installation/administration/licensing nightmare. The html server scheme avoids that problem, and the Prolinx web server implementation looks OK, but I'd appreciate hearing from someone who has used it. My data changes quite slowly, and it is only checked once a day or less, so limited update speed (sort of inherent in html) is fine.

Eric M. Klintworth
Sharp Technologies, Inc.