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I have an application for a scale. The scale has 4 load cells 500lb @ 3 mv/v using a constant 10v excitation. I'm using a 0 -20 ma 433
BridgeSensor (from TotalComp) to convert the loadcell signal. The BridgeSensor has calibration parameters to Zero and Span its output signal I don't have any numbers on the physical weight of the scale vessels. Should I accommodate this weight in my calibration of the signal or should I set the 0 with the vessels empty? If I need to
accommodate the weight how do I determine this accurately using the loadcell raw output? In my program ( RsLogix 500) I'm using the Scale with Parameters instruction to achieve calibration based on my ma signal but I feel that the hardware calibration needs to be properly setup
first. Any discussion or further related information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.
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I have read your contents well. Calibration of Multiloadcell platform is as follows:

1. Measure excitation in the junction box.
2. Measure summed output from the loadcell junction box or digital indicator.
3. Output with dead weight x excitation voltage gives the zero output. Using Cal 0 option, set zero.
4. For span calibration, use some physical dead weight of about 40% of the capacity of scale. Say 500lbs - 1000lbs. Keep the weights in platform and calibrate the signal ouput to the physical dead weight put in.
5. COnduct trials.
6. If you do not have dead weights, use a millivolt source. COnnect this to signal wires +ve and -ve and inject the full scale millivolt. say Excitation x millivolt @ Full scale load. e.g 10V x 3.0mV = 30mV. At 30mV injection, you will set the span as 2000lbs.
7.Conduct trials.

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