Proportional Band for Temperature Controllers


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I am working on a Temperature control system. I want to find the proportional band for my Input.

My input is 37deg to 43deg. I am planning to use Proportional Control to monitor and control the temperature. Hence I want to know how to compute the PB of the input range mentioned above.

Thanks in advance.

Don't confuse the measurement range with the control range you want.

The setting is dependent on the loop gain of your control loop.
You can't calculate your P band/gain from your input range, except that obviously your P-band has to be significantly smaller than your input range, or it won't work. Are you sure your entire input range is 6 degrees??

The actual optimal setting depends on the dynamics and relative sizing of the load and control means (how fast does a 100% signal add or remove heat from the system?). Do you want smoother or more responsive control? Is there dead time, etc., etc.