Proposal of International Project for a XY control table


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Filipe Tomaz

I'm planing to build my second version of my Darkcut machine, a CNC cutting machine. This machine uses DC motors. It is almost impossible to
work with it. So I'm planning to build a new machine with stepper motors and use a PC to control them (as I used in DarkCut). I'm also thinking to construct it with other people interrested in a collaboration - it can be you - do you have some skill and/or experience in some of the following areas: electronic, control, mechanics, linux programming ?? If so, or not, but if you are still interrested to learn, mail me and if I can arrange about 10 guys in diferent areas, I will start the project (sources, information, technics and all the rest to all that participate though mail or web site).

!! This project will start until 1 of July. !!

If I don't manage to have a team I will do it alone. But with a team the work will be quicker to all.

The project WILL not be paid to anyone, and there is no need to personally know all the people - this is that the net is for! The purpose is only to share specific information that can be used to all that engage in the project, this is, to all that want to do something like the Darkcut machine. This project isn't connected with any University or other institution. The quality/price will be a priority.

Best regards, from Filipe Tomaz, Portugal.

See my web page: "": and go to DarkCut section
bad idea to use steper motors instead dc. We have built 12 various xy tables for metal cutting (gas-plasma).


Cameron Anderson

I would suggest going to brushless servo's. You could go stepper, but you might as well go with the best technology out there. I have worked on many machines doing this. I actually just worked on a project for a metal cutter replacing the DC brush motors to brushless servo. Using Emerson Control Techniques drives with Exlar servo gearmotors and galil multi-axis controller. The cost will be more, but in this case the dc motors were not performing so they had no other choice.

Cameron Anderson
Advanced Products Specialist - Motion Control
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Yes galil controler is a very good choice.
but with brushless motors we can't build system
with price 5000 E. ;-(
with cheap steper motor we can't get good speed with good stability, particulary with control from lpt port directly(eg. with plasma cutting 0.5 mm metal we need speed around 5-6 m/min).

Robert Ingraham

What tpye of DC motors did you use on the last project... You need the DC motor to be setup so that, at low RPMs (voltage) you still have high torque. What problems are you having with the DC motors?

Hi we need a CNC Plasma cutting table. Everything we found is very expensive. Can you give us an idea how to build our own table.
Hi Filipe,

I cannot help with much, but my husband and I want to build our own CNC Plasma. because everything we 've found is very expensive for us.
I will appreciate it if we can follow allong with your project so we can also learn.

Deborah - Curacao, netherlands Antilles