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Walter Bennett

Hey folks I have a problem, I have a client that is looking at changing from Wonderware to RSview32 / SE. I have extensive experience with both packages, but I need some ideas about what to say, the application is for monitoring only no control, the system will be distributed across the
nation it will have to log historical data and A SQL Server. Note were talking about 30K logged tags for the current location and will expand. MY
question?? What do ya'll think pro's or con's about the either package.

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I have used RSview32 6.3 and have landed into all sorts of problems which remain unsolved after almost 9 months.
Maybe the implementation done by the integrators here in India was lousy, but I feel that definitely Wonderware, Intellution and ICONICS would be much better products to recon with.
Some of the better features in RSView32 are its excellent support for VBA and its object model. A similar scenario is also available for Intellution.
One major drawback is no support for redundancy of Servers and Networks for RSView32 and hence high availability systems are a dream(At least till the version I am talking of).
Other major issues observed were improper behaviour when doing on-line modifications in tag database, events , graphics etc.
RSView also does not support drivers for any other PLC apart from Allen Bradley. It says you need to purchase OPC servers from third party for other PLC's. Suits OK if you keep the total responsibility on the Integrator, else be assured of compatibility issues
Anyway, I feel that your customer should try out using the demo CD's available free OR should try out building the requisite applications.
I reverse-engineered an application FROM WonderWare TO RSView32. In order to get the same functionality I was forced to write an ActiveX component using VBA for RSView32. No big deal really, & I did get to learn VB! The biggest beef I have is that WonderWare is so bloody expensive! Even though they have recenly combined all the modules into one package (whereas before you had to pay seperately for each one!) it still is probably the most expensive package out there. The other thing I didn't like about WW was it's database structure. Unless they have changed recently, it is an unwieldy construct. This may have more to do with the fact that I "grew up" with RSView's origin - ControlView. Arranging tags in a folder heirarchy seems much easier to work with. The last thing I might mention is that maintaining RSView32 may be a bit easier than WW. The WW scripting requires you to learn another "language". RSView uses VB, which many already have mastered. Just a few thoughts.

Steve Hills

It depends on how you get paid. If you get paid by the hour, go with RSView (or my favorite time waster - Intellution). If you get paid by the job
completion, go with Wonderware. You can f--- with the others all day to get something simple working.

There are a few drawbacks with Wonderware, but they have NEVER outweighed the benefits for my customers. And with thin client, they have led the pack with a great solution.

As a product development wise, RSView is a 7th grader, Wonderware is collegiate level. Rockwell is just a beginner. Wonderware is much farther advanced. There are a couple feature exceptions though.

First paragraph is most important aspect.

Wonderware and Rsview:
1. Both provide very good graphics.
2. Both provide DDE support.
3. Both have very good recipe management software's.
4. RSview has Macros and Intouch has Scripts.

You have to choose first among equals.
price would be a good starting point.

P.S. Both have a few unresolved bugs which bugs you from time to time but simultaneously both are good SCADA packages.



I may have missed it, but what kind of PLC's do you intend to connect to
1. Rockwell -> Buy RSView, (if it were S7, Buy WinCC, GE -> Cimplicity) \
2. No Rockwell -> check RSView driver availability, if as good as WW (for the PLC's
you have, RSView will not beat WW driver range), RSView is more modern, Tier 1 Automation vendors their HMI's are on the rise, WW will come out with a new system anytime soon....

The driver comparison will disappear when looking at OPC, however, I guess that most of WW drivers are for free

Kind Regards

Marcel Verstappen

Hi Steve,

I very curious about the methods you used for the reverse-engineering of an application from WonderWare to RSView32. My main interest goes out to the way the displays are converted, but all other info is welcome also. Can you give me some information about this conversion. I am familiar with both WW and RSView.

Marcel Verstappen

Abdurrahman Wahid

It very interesting the many opinion we all have of Wonderware, Rockwell
RSView, FIX, etc. My company have worked extensively with each. Alok has many
error in his analysis of RSView. It have redundancy built-in, can communicate
with many other controllers. Here are facts:

* Easy to learn, but not very powerful for extensive application.
* Dynamic resolution conversion good.
* Network application development good with many runtimes.
* Client-server not distributed client-server (it is kluge), therefore no
distributed database.
* Terminal Server solution expensive.
* Memory tag count against total tag count.
* Must use wrappers, wizards to accomplish ActiveX controls and OLE automation.
* Use own scripting, easy to learn but not powerful.
* No OPC server and OPC client only through SuiteLink (adding layer to communication).
* No object model.
* Used to be leader in technology, now further behind then anyone.
* Support used to be good, no very bad. Support for 1 year.
* Prices go up by end of year.

* Average to learn, but very powerful for extensive application.
* Distributed client-server with distributed database.
* Built-in redundancy equivalent to FIX (easy to set-up).
* Preferred connection to AB PLC^Òs, but connect to many, many other PLC^Òs
* ActiveX container.
* VBA for scripting, but also have Events, Derived Tags, Macros, Expressions so
you not always have to use VBA.
* True OPC client and server.
* Open object model.
* Memory tag not count against total tag count. RSView SE not have tags, use something called direct referencing. No need to configure tag in HMI. Save
* Support for 1 year.
* Can get all product from one company (Rockwell).

* Average to learn, but very powerful for extensive application.
* Distributed client-server with distributed database.
* Built-in redundancy equivalent to RSView (not so easy to set up).
* True OPC client and server.
* VBA for scripting. MUST be very good with VBA to use FIX. Can be bad thing
if not familiar with VB.
* Secure ActiveX^Òs so bad control not crash application. Sometimes can^Òt
tell if ActiveX is bad though.
* Tech Support not good. Many problems getting in touch with factory people.
This very big problem.
* Support only for 90 days, not 1 year like Wonderware and RSView.

Wonderware was technology leader in early 90's. Intellution was leader in distributed applications in early-mid 90's. Rockwell move ahead of Wonderware and Intellution in mid-late 90's and now RSView SE take lead farther. When
customer requests Wonderware or FIX, we still use them. But when we choose, most time it's RSView.

Abdur Wahid
First a disclaimer: I work for a Rockwell distributor and sell/support RSView for a living. So I do have a bias.

How big is the current WW project, and is there a lot of WW scripting in it? If you are converting from WonderWare to RSView32, Rockwell
has a conversion utility that will transport most of the project over to an RSView project. Any scripts will have to be manually done in
VBA though. This utility is for RSV32 and not their next generation RSView SE.

Based on your 30k tag count and distributed architecture, it also sounds like you should use RSSql to log data to MSSQL or other database.
Depending on your data highway, logging rates, etc. you might be able to get by with RSView32's existing data logging capabilities.

Skye Controls

I have programmed VB and VC+ for numerous years, so I know after years there is nothing that cannot be done, RsView supports VBA, and with the current windows api functions and ability to create your own components, import any ocx
container objects, and such,only your programming experince will hold you back.
I love ww but from a programming stand point it doesnt offer the same horse power.
I STRONGLY suggest you choose Wonderware Intouch over Rsview32. I have been using both for many many years and Wonderware is the HANDS DOWN WINNER. RsView32 v7.0 is still very "buggy" and frustrating to work with. Rockwell's RsView32 online and phone support is feeble. On the other hand, Intouch v9.0 is a very solid product and Wonderware's online and phone support rocks. Sometimes I get the feeling that the Rockwell programmers have quietly given up on making RsView32 better and have instead decided to focus on other products like RsView Studio. Perhaps over the last few years Rockwell's programmers have been "spread too thin" with Rsview Studio, PanelBuilder32, RsView32, etc. It would be great if they could focus on getting JUST ONE product rock solid.

Choose Wonderware and sleep better at night...choose RsView32 get ready for a nightmare.