Prosoft DNP 3800 to AB PLC 5/40


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James Swanson

Greetings, I am currently trying to interface a PLC 5/40 with a DNP 3800 module using the PLC as a slave. Although the Logic for the data transfer to and from the DNP module seems to be correct, I am having a bit of an odd problem. Upon downloading the program to the PLC, and setting to the processor to RUN, the DNP module functions correctly for about 15-30 seconds. After this timeperiod the BTW instruction starts to timeout (only writing successfully to the module periodicaly). If the module is "reset" via the reset button I get a "Block 255 read failure". This puts a halt to my nice little communications. I have been in continuous contact with the Prosoft technical support.....but even after sending them a copy of my program they seem relatively stumped. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any helpfull suggestions? Thanks in advance! Deadlines wait for no man! (or woman!)