PROSOFT MVI56-MNET Slave Response Time


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I am communicating a ModbusTCP master that is capable of sending up to 60 request/queries per second. Each request can have a length of up to 125 registers. The slave interface is a PROSOFT MVI56-MNET and I am wondering if the slave will be able to handle this amount of requests fast enough.

Does anybody know what is the maximum number of replies the MVI56-MNET can handle per second?

I just tested this with Modscan32 and the MNET unit was replying as fast as Modscan32 could request it. I Wiresharked it, and it was around 64 responses/second – so filtered, about 150 packets (request+responses) per second. I did a quick little custom app and it was getting around 85 requests/responses per second.