ProtalkQ DNP // Quantum 534-14 PLC


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I am currently having problems setting up a ProTalkQ PTQ-DNP module with a Quantum 534-14 Processor Module. Does anyone have experiance with this?

I am following the Module Setup Guide Jan21/05 Phase 1 & 2 as a reference.
The DNP module Version is Rev 2.16 OpSysRev 0104.
Quantum 140CPU534-14 ExecID 883,Ver. 0124,IEC0260
Concept 2.6XL 2.6 SR2,a.

Phase_1 Outlines the PLC project
Phase_2 Outlines connecting to the PTQ-DNP module

One of my problems is in Phase_2 procedures the menus shown in part 3.3 of this manual are very different from what I see when I hyperterminal into the module.

Any help or direction to technical support would be appreciated.

I apologize for the confusion caused by the manual, but the manual covers the basic setup of the module within the Concept program, but since the DNP module has specialized data types (DNP BI, DNP AI, IED BI, etc...) that section of the manual does not apply to this module. This module does not have a generic 4000 register database, like other ProTalk modules, but rather has a specialized database for each type of point configured. If you'd still like to see data within the ProTalk module, being transfered from the Quantum processor to the ProTalk database, then you can setup the following backplane command (highlighted) within the configuration file...

DataType: 104
Start PT Address: 0
Point type: 4
Point Address: 1
Word Count: 10

This command will move the clock information that you have mapped into 400001 of the Quantum processor, and place this information into the DNP_AI database of the module.

This will allow you to go to DNP Database view menu and monitor the DNP_Analog Input data, and view this information in the database of the ProTalk Q module.

Please let me know if there are any questions. I apologize for any inconvience this information in the manual has caused and will work at getting this information corrected within the documentation.