Protocol Converter from MODBUS RTU to proprietary protocol on TCPIP


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Our company works in the home automation area. We are in need of interfacing VRV AC systems with home automation controller. The VRV AC systems have a MODBUS RTU interface. We have access to the TCPIP protocol used by the home automation controller (HAI,, Omni-Link II protocol). We need a product that would do the protocol conversion between the MODBUS RTU protocol from HVAC to the Omni-Link II protocol.

a) Is there a product available that can be easily programmed to work with this protocol.

b) What is the easiest way to develop this?

Though we are electronic engineers, we are new to this area. Help or directions will be greatly appreciated.

Solutions from the simpler to the harder:

1.- Consult HAI if they have modbus rtu option cards.

2.- Consult OPC companies like Kepserver or Matrikon if they have the option for Omnilink protocol and then configure a Modbus to Omnilink gateway.

3.- Search for the Omnilink protocol description and code your own program to do the translation.

4.- Big Prize: If you can do 3 and have skills to program microcontrollers may be you can make a microcontroller based gateway and start your own company.