Protocol for GE FANUC PLC


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I need some information about GE FANUC Plcs, in particular i need to communicate through ethernet interface with a PC where is running my
application developed in C/C++.

Any information about the protocol ?

Thank you

Thomas Swift

GE has a toolkit which allows you to link compiled C or C++ Windows applications on IBM PC compatible platforms and communicate to a Series 90 PLC's using the Host Communications Toolkit common API.

This toolkit requires Microsoft C compiler version 7.0, Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler 1.00, or later.

I think the part # is IC641SWP052 but check with GE to confirm this.


Thomas Swift

Hugo Rumayor

I think the driver is nor thread safe so be aware of this. We got a copy first and then found out this when the code crahed. We talked to someone at GE and they gave us a example in C that is able to read an write registers and more so we made it thead safe then. :)

Best regards,
Hugo Rumayor