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I'm developping in VB. I've developped protocols for Omron and Schneider. Now i want Siemens Profibus protocol. Where can i find information?

James Ingraham

At the risk of sounding obvious, have you tried

However, I doubt you will be able to develop Profibus directly. I am fairly certain you will end up having to buy a Profibus ASIC in order to implement Profibus on a PC, which means you're better off buying a PCI (or whatever) Profibus card.

-James Ingraham
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Curt Wuollet

That's a bit of an overstatement. There were many issues with attempting to use Profibus with MAT. Not the least of which was considerable palm greasing was called for. When there is a way for an Open public project to implement, then we could say it's public. For now, it's published, will have to suffice. Being owned by a cartel/club/consortium does not make it public, although it doesn't preclude it either. I do wish people could look at it from our perspective and see that substantial barriers exist that are
trivial for GE or Rockwell but insurmountable for a volunteer group.


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