Providing Easy Input & Output to HMI screens via the Internet


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David Griffith

I need to select an HMI which provides the ability to view and interact with HMI screens via the internet.

I don't want to custom create HTML pages. I want to be able to see (from the internet) the same pages that an operator views in the plant. I also want to change plant function, alarm setpoints, etc. I don't want to have HMI software or anything related loaded on the internet connected PC. I also want unlimited users to have access to the pages (not at the same time).

Dean Kindrai

Total Control Products fxView.

All HMI screens can be made to visible through I.E. simply by checking an option box ("Publish as HTML"). The same is true for tags. Provided there is a connection for the HMI to the internet, you can access any of the data. OEM's use this to check performance of machines and troubleshoot remotely. At lease one company is using the live data to order inventory (based on a product usage).

David Griffith

First of all, I just want to make myself clear about HMI. I am referring to SCADA/HMI software, not hardware HMI.

I don't want a page to simply be visible. Every software company can do that now. I require read/write access by the client. I want the client on the web to be able to push buttons and make something happen back at the plant.
GE Fanuc's CIMPLICITY product is an HMI system
that allows you to create screens for the HMI
and then display them using Internet explorer or
Netscape Navigator, with the product option Webview. This option allows you to perform setpoints (if you have the privileges) from the
browser window.

CIMPLICITY has two modes that the Webview option runs under --- concurrent users and broadcast mode. It is easy to work with.
If You want to use view or/and control mode via
Internet, please see SCADA FactoryLink v.7. and
components WebClient which are included in FL.

US DATA Corp. site

You can download documentation about WebClient from this site.

For another example check out

Iconics has a suite of OPC software products including the ability to view pages created over the internet. The only software required on the client pc is IE at least IE 4.0. Iconics supports 4 different methods of getting your information through your firewall as well. The client has all of the same abilities as the PC on the plant floor.
My recommendation would be CIMPLICITY with the WebView option. It creates a "homepage" for the HMI which can be accessed by IE. From this page it loads the actual screens that are available to the operator. You can operate any function that is available just as if you were sitting at the HMI terminal. I have set up a test to try and convince my plant to move toward this and would be happy to talk more if needed.

Pat Russell
Process Control & Automation Engineer
J&L Specialty Steel, Inc.

Charls Antony

Can you suggest one HMI in which i can monitor /& troubleshoot /& upload programs over internet.

Charls Antony