Proworx32 - Determining Address from Proworx mdb exports


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Andrew O'Brien

Hi All,
I have been using Proworx32 to export two access .mdb files.

* The first is from the documentation tool, which gives me individual 0x, 1x, 3x, 4x tables which contain full addresses and Descriptors for all of the IO.

* The 2nd mdb file is the Traffic Cop export which gives me tables for each specific drop. These tables have the fields of DropSeries, RackNum, SlotNum, ModCardNum, InBytes, OutBytes, FstRef, SecRef, InFlgs, OutFlgs, NumParams, ParamField, Description, ShortComment

In the 2nd table, the FstRef gives the starting address for that slot. However, this address is not complete because it does not contain information about whether it is 0x,1x,3x or 4x.

Can anyone advise what information in the tables is used to determine the complete address range? Schneider advised using the descriptor but this is inconsistent and produces wrong results (eg a "200-IN" descriptor can have 1x and 3x addresses)

I have also attempted to use the Proworx32 report, accessible via Print Preview, but this cannot be customize into an mdb format...

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