Proximity switches for high temperature.


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Jury Efremov

I need proximity switch for work in high temperature - about 900C. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
I have ordered and had it installed. 12 years ago. I simply have no recollection at all. I beleive it was from Norway a superb instrument, detecting proximity at the temperature you mention and above. I don't even remember the physical principle of it. Look again in the ISA buyer's guide.

Curt Wuollet

Hi Jury Isn't that above the Curie point for most materials? That leaves out magnetics. Optical would be difficult with the intense IR radiation. Have you thought about mechanical? Of course it depends on what you are doing. Perhaps you could sense the IR radiation of objects this hot? Regards cww

Anthony Kerstens

I once used an analog IR temperature sensor for a similar purpose on molten iron. You will need an analogue input to read it. If you're working with metals, I suggest getting a dual colour model to avoid problems with shifting emissivity. One such sensor is the Raytek Thermalert 2C. If you can't get Raytek in your region or would rather use a device with a discrete output, do a web search on optical pyrometer. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.