pulverized coal flow measurement


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Jinbin zhang

I'm involved in pulverized coal flow measurement. Who has used PfMaster pulverized fuel flowmeter from ABB? how about it? Which one manufacturer can also provide a similar product?


Jim Gacionis

The Canadian Electricity Association has developed a non-intrusive coal flow monitor far superior to the ABB system. A system has been installed at SaskPower in Saskatchewan, Canada. What are your interests, purchase? and install. Do you work for a utility. Please reply your interests. My email is: [email protected]
We are working with a German company to distribute a kind of pulverized coal flow measurement system in China,please contact me if you are interested in this system.

Xueyan Li
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I am from BHEL, India. We are suppliers of power generation equipment. We want system to measure coal and air in the mill outlet pipes to burners. We want more technical details and budgetory offers.
My Email Address is [email protected]

Matt Rodgers

I am a manufacturer of power plant equipment. Because we make an adjustable orificing valve, it ties into coal flow measurement and being able to control flows. Once measured, plants use our valve to balance the flow coming out of the mill. We work with MIC which uses a microwave technology. It is a non intrusive to the coal pipe probe, easy installation and EPRI tested. Total costs range approx. $8,500 usd per pipe. FYI.