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De Tapia Carlos Victor

I need to control 10 pumps that it´ll produce circulation of water into the pipes by cool and then transport to other side, all self-control is in the place, but it must include send alarm to
distance, that is because people who attend the system are 2 kilometers from the place. ¿What do you recommend to use?
Thank you for your attention.

Eric M. Klintworth

If all you need is an alarm, and perhaps occasional, simple monitoring, an autodialer might be a good choice. All you need is a phone line and one or more contact closures to monitor.

One manufacturer we use frequently is Sensaphone
(http://www.sensaphone.com). The model 1104 is US$400, and accepts four inputs (contact closures or thermistors).

Hope that helps,
Eric M. Klintworth
Columbus, Ohio USA