Purge Air Flow Rate

Hi all,

I have a question about purge air system. I'm working on GE frame 9e gas turbine with speedtronic mark IV.

How much is the mass flow rate, temperature and pressure of purge air for liquid fuel purge line? I can't find their amount in the gas turbine documents.


I have never seen atomizing air flow-rate published or documented by GE or any of its packagers. I have only pressure ratios (1.1 when running on gas fuel; 1.2 when running on liquid fuel).

Neither have I ever seen temperature, only the temperature of the air entering the Main Atomizing Air Compressor is critical, and it should be approximately 225 deg F and never more than 325 deg F, which is the maximum air temperature the compressor can tolerate.

If you find a specification, please let us know!

Thank you so much for your response.

It is assumed that about 2.7 kg/s of air is extracted from the compressor discharge for accessory equipment, but all of it is not used for purge (or atomizing) air. Do you have any idea about this amount of extracted air?