Push Buttons for hazardous area - EExd IIB T3 Version


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Claudio Bozza

Hi all,

I'm working on a project, that required a push button with 3 contacts N.O. and 3 contacts N.C., to adapt with a junction box in stainless steel EExd IIB T3 certified (European Standards).

Is there anyone that knows how to give me indications on a possible supplier?

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Claudio Bozza
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Hoi Claudio,

In the Netherlands we have ELectromach. THis is a division of Stahl for Germany. See on the internet if threre is a dealer/supplier in your
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Onno Moret


Richard George

I cannot think of a supplier immediately but I infer from your query that you want to 'retrofit'these new pushbuttons to an existing Exd Junction Box. I would urge caution doing this yourself because any modifications to exd equipment should be underatken by an 'approved
constructor'in order to maintian the explosion proof rating and give you insurance in case of failure,

Hope this helps,

My personal preference is to use intrinsically safe barriers (ie Pepperl+Fuchs or Stahl) and not go through the hassle of EP wiring because all can be done in EMT and flex. That is of course if you have that option. I prefer the I/S
approach from a process troubleshooting standpoint also - you can see what is going on with the switches by looking at the lights on the barriers (I am rather reluctant to open a E/P 480/3 box in an explosive atmosphere...