PWM Control of DC Motor

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Billy Joe Jim Bob

I have a twelve volt dc electric trolling motor. I would like to efficiently control its speed using pulse width modulation of the applied current. Its maximum draw is forty amperes. Does any one know how to build or where to purchase a device that would accomplish this ?
I thankyou for your assistance.

Hossein Borhan

Dear Sir,

I am contacting you from Sharif University of Technology. We have a small research grant for building an underwater ROV with limited specifications. Our first generation, will be powered by 4 200-300 W thrusters and is aimed for low depths of upto 10 meters. Given the very high prices for industrial thrusters and out limited budget, I am interested to know that
For these depths and low volume can I modify a trolling motor for this purpose? It should be a straight forward job.
If the answer to the question is positive; Is it possible to get the technical specifications on the trolling motors with propeller.

All the best

Hossein Borhan
Sharif University of Technology

Email:[email protected]