PWM Current Control Monitoring

We use a Woodward APECS DYN1-1075 controllers and DYNA 2500 actuators to govern a generator set (this is factory supplied). Actuator is PWM current controlled. This is where the questions begin:

I need to deliver a failure indication of the governor system somehow. Was thinking of putting a relay on the power supply of the controller, but this is not a real indication; the real indication would be no output to the actuator.

As per specifications given by Woodward, output signal is PWM current to 6A max.

I would need to insert something in this line for monitoring, but not interrupt the signal from controller to actuator.

Please help with some ideas.

There are many voltage and current detectors with isolated outputs on the market, choose one that is most suitable for your application.

I would guess there are situations where there would be no current output from the controller without being at fault - standby perhaps.

Tim Niemczyk


Check out Pretech Solutions Inc. as they monitor cold coils, as well as the ability to monitor the voltage that supplies the coil when the module is commanded to energize the coil. Unique module and I am sure they will be able to supply your monitoring needs.