QNX4 and Windows 2000/XP


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We have a customer who would like to have a laptop computer for remote use of their supervision applications. They have two different systems; a monitor pro application and some other (a bit more exotic) application made upon a QNX4 OS and Q-windows graphic interface and both applications should be remote used with the same laptop. The Monitor pro isn't any problem but I don't have any experience with QNX. Can it be installed and run in the same laptop with w2k/XP (don't know yet which OS the client wants to use). I heard that the QNX4 ver 4.25 and Q-windows 4.25 should be installed in the laptop to remote use the QNX-application, but how it is done...? Please help me!
As nobody has replied I thought I would.

I have done this in the past so, I can tell you it can be done but I have forgotten the details.

Why not try this site http://www.qnxzone.com/
as these guys know QNX like the back of their hands.


Steve Myres, PE

I would think you could partition the hard drive, install the two OS's on the two partitions, and use a boot manager. Then the OSes should be able to run without either being aware of the existence of the other one.