Quadrature Encoder to Ethernet as Frequency


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Need to get Paper line speed to data collection. Easiest would be Encoder to Ethernet with Frequency value. Can't find any simple Encoder to Frequency devices using Ethernet/TCP or IP.

Can find Encoder to 4-20Ma or 0<10Vdc then convert to Ethernet with analog converter to Ethernet.

Would be easy if Quad Encoder to Frequency Over Ethernet existed.

This would provide an easy way to monitor production web that can slip on drive/idler rollers
I've seen panel meters that can output Ethernet with various protocols. You could potentially use a quadrature to +/-10V signal and one of these panel meters to do your application. I honestly cant remember where I saw them, but I'd check B&B, Omega, OMRON, etc.

You might also check out a brick PLC. Many of these have high speed inputs that can be configured for quadrature counting (and you can calculate velocity easily), and also offer ethernet interfaces. I would try Automation Direct first (software is free, etc), but I think all the major brick guys have something like this GE, Mitsubishi, Schneider, etc. Usually the communication modules are extra, and you might have to ask the vendor about availability and functions, etc.