Qualitrol Lube Oil Level Part Number


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dear friends

we have old frame 9E and we have installed on top of the lube oil tank level magnetrol limit switches for 71Ql-71QH, part number of magnetrol is XB15-1H3B-BOU. from long time we know that this is not working. we know that even the range is 220VDC, and we have on mark 4 is supplying 125VDC. as i said it is on top of the lube oil tank. another frame 9 i saw it is always this level switches; it's located in left hand side in the lube oil tank side wall. there is gauge as well; manufacture is Qualitrol GE aprt number is 256A1072P031.

So question, can anybody see the lube oil tank level switch is mounted on top of the tank? and whats part number of Qualitrol, magnetrol switch did you guys use? please advice.

any part number?