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Ashok K Patel

Dear Friends,

I want to know more about quality in software field . What types of background is required .

Pl. share some information.


Ashok Patel

John Peter Rooney

The ASQ has information on becoming certified as an ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer.
The syllabus for study for the test (given twice a year by ASQ) is fairly comprehensive in what is involved in Software Quality.
Good luck.

John Peter Rooney, ASQ CRE #2425
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Experience is the ultimate leveler ( it is worth 10 times the schooling ).

If you do not have experience. A BA is about the going these days for a good position. A lower level intro position you can get away with just having taken some courses . But you better know your stuff. You will no doubt be grilled on your knowledge at the interview.

Good luck

John Cassel

Alex Pavloff

> 1. Base economic problem: to survive the vendors need to make _bad_ enough
> software... to keep their users in the unsatisfied state... etc.

Well, again, what we have is hardware companies selling software. The software is secondary to the tasks, so "good enough" usually means things
that will work. Fixing those 5 year old bugs that "everyone knows about" and improving usability isn't a priority for something that's traditionally been an afterthought. "Bad software" is very rarely intentional.

> 2. Revolution problem: MS has begun Revolution. XP(eXtreme Programming), -
> the "new paradigm", - establishes the "bad enough software" philosophy as
an official
> religion.

The XP Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP is a marketing shorthand for "eXPerience".

This has nothing to with the "Extreme Programming" methodology, which is also known as XP.

We're running out of acronyms. We'd better start using non-english characters to avoid confusion.