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Claudio Pires

Dear Members,
In the early years, everybody had been amazed with the benefits introduced by automated solutions. Nowadays, I'm getting more concerned in how to turn this qualitative work into quantitative and measurable profit$, specially in the case of an internal (inside battery limits) industrial automation development and maintenance with internal clients. This is discussion that I would like to share with you and then get to know tips, examples, sucessful ideas in order to improve the development of our business.
Claudio Pires.

Gerald Beaudoin

Turning automation into measurable profit has always been a bit of a challenge. There are now available from a variety of suppliers, packages
that allow you to measure (metrics) the efficiency of a particular workcell or the entire plant, if you so desire. Once established, the
system can permit you to measure the effects of small changes in your operation, therby allowing you to fine tune. An increase of x percent
efficiency represents y dollars. The formula for that calculation is available from your accounting department. The cost of implementing such a system can then be weighed against the possible benefits. The implementation of such a system should not be taken lightly, and are
not "drop in solutions". The have to be tweaked and worked at until you are sure that they actually represent reality ... sometimes not easy.
Hi Gerald:

Could you list some of these suppliers or the products that do this analysis?

Bob Pawley