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We have a problem on Quantum 140CPU53414A. PLC sometimes suddenly goes to the STOP mode, Error code displayed is 0200. START PLC command every time starts the CPU.

Operating system @in2000 sp4, the development software is Concept 2.6 SR1, LL984 application, IEC-disabled.

The system configuration is following:
CPS114 10, CPU, NOE771 11 (not connected to the network), NOA622 00.

Are there any ideas what happens with the CPU?
Once we have replaced the CPU (the same type), after that once more CPU stopped.

Bryce Gillan

We had a Quantum CPU 43412 that was frequently going to stop and had to be restated. We found that tradesmen had been drilling gland holes in the roof of the cabinet and the metal shards had fallen inside the CPU through the vents and combined with a cold damp switchroom was the cause!
This sounds vagely familiar. Try power cycling, assuming problem persists replace PSU, if still there replace CPU as well. Check with local Schneider office.