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Denis Couture

We have 5 PLCs Quantum running different parts of the plant but 1 is particularly loaded. We want to continue developpement on this one but the scant time and memory usage is about to end. What you suggest in this case. Is it another upgrade possible?

Bradley Hite

Hello Denis,

There is new faster hardware becoming available from Modicon. The hardware platform is called Unity.

However, I have to ask, recognizing the amount of memory and processing power available in the 534. How is it possible that you have it maxed out? If performance is an issue maybe it is time to re-evaluate the application running in the processor and distribute the existing
application over multiple processors. Just a thought.

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Chris Kellock

I've never seen a 534 filled. I've seen a 434 filled by a user who wrote bad code.

My recommendation is to review the program you've written. If you do the same thing over and over, consider making derived function blocks (if using Concept and IEC programming). Each DFB is stored only once in the PLC and called with different values each time you use it. So for example I had a customer with 20 tank levels and alarms to monitor, and we wrote one DFB that handled all the controls for a tank. We then coded that DFB 20 times, and his program fit in a 11302 CPU.

Otherwise, you should evaluate the application and look at splitting it into a few PLCs.