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how i can test that hot stand by for quantum work? i mean what is the step that i can make to know that all works without any loss of information from primary or standby PLC?

hope see soon your answer and thanks.
First, understand that the Quantum HSBY system is proven over time and applications. It works! I have personally seen several critical process applications continue to operate, without a "bump", when a "fail over" occurs.

Second. When you know that you have successfully installed and configured the system and you can do sucessive "failovers" from primary to standby, then you can do further testing. Remember to set the drop hold up time to a proper value.


If you have analog inputs, put a variable voltage or current on an input and set high and low alarm trap points in the PLC logic. Fail over and see if a trap is set. Do a similar test if you have frequency or speed inputs.

If you have analog outputs, send a signal to a recorder and fail over.

Configure a non-latched digital out to see if the point drops on fail over.

Remember, that Quantum output modules can be configured, on time out, to "hold last state" or go to a "known value" (zero or off or on).