Quantum I/O map


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Luiz Rodriguez

I am replacing THREE 800 series Analog input modules (8 channel) with the TWO Quantum range of ACI 140 (16 Channel) modules. The original I/O map configuration for the 800 series Analog modules were consecutive addressing i.e MODULE 1 (300001-30008), MODULE 2 (300009-300016), and MODULE 3 (300017-300024). The Quantum modules addressing requires 17 registers for the addressing of each module i.e. MODULE 1 (300001-300017) and MODULE 2 (300018-300034).

I do not want to change the addressing in the user logic to accommodate the configuration.

Can I configure the addressing as follows?
MODULE 1 (300001-300017) and MODULE 2 (3000017-300033). Address 300017 is overlapped.

The 16 input modules use the 17th register for diagnostics. If the addressing could be done the way that you want then the first input of the second modules would be the diagnostic data from the first module.

But, you would not get that far. The project would not compile (build).