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Dave Philpot

I need to integrate 2 existing PLC products that use Quantum Protocol, a Koch RTU and a Prolog PLC, into a Plantscape DCS System. I need to find a driver/OPC Server/DDE Server, or some other way to do this, ie. Concentrator or Arbitrator.

Is there anyone out there who may be familiar with the Quantum Protocol which is fairly old, was in heavy use in Oil Pipeline applications, specifically by Koch.

I want to find a direct Plantscape driver or OPC/DDE Server or data concentrator/protocol converter that will allow me to interface to the HMI.

John Fuhrman

Dave, there seems to be a typo in your post. I think you meant to use the word "replace"; but typed "integrate"...:)

A company called Descartes offers OMNISERVER, a software product which you can use to build an OPC Quantum driver if you know enough about the protocol. www.omnidssi.com

Mille Applied Research, www.miille.com, offers an hardware converter called an OMNII-COMM and develeped support for this Quantum protocol a few years ago. If the Plantscape system can support one of the other protocols that Miile supports, this could be an out-of-the-box solution.

A company called Arcom, www.arcom.com, knows about the protocol; but I don't think they don't have a standard offering that would fit the bill. You might check with them--if you need a large quantity, they may be willing to do a custom.

Speaking of custom, I'm sure Parijat would be willing to develop a OPC to Quantum driver if they don't already have one. www.parijat.com.

I trust this is helpful. Please email me and let me know where your project is...I'm just curious. [email protected].

Jerry Miille

You should look at our Omnii-Comm product. It supports the Master side of the Quantum protocol and over 60 others such as Modbus. Please contact me directly at [email protected] for more information.

Jerry Miille