Quantum Remote IO on Ethernet


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Brian Cervi

I have a user who would like to put his Quantum Remote IO rack on Ethernet. Either in the form of...

Schneider Quantum Remote IO processor (CRP 931) to Ethernet..... Ethernet to Quantum Remote IO adapter (CRA 932)


An interface device that would permit a device using Modbus TPC/IP to directly read/write to a Quantum Remote IO adapter (CRA 932) in a remote rack.

We've suggested Modicon make a device like this before, but nothing is available yet. What I asked for is a remote I/O drop for ethernet, similar to the CRA211 for Modbus Plus. That way we can do larger concentrations of I/O in a drop than just one Momentum. But there is currently no way to bridge RIO to ethernet or back. Best bet seems to be MB+ drops (CRA211) and a MB+/ETHERNET bridge.