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Rich Weekly

I need to connect a Modicon Quantum PLC to a AB 1397 Drive. What are my options?

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Bill Szuminski

You can communicate to the drive via Devicenet. Quantum third party device from AVG fits into the rack allowing for Devicenet comms. AVG.net
Perhaps a MB+ card from prosoft for the AB drive. It allows global data transfer for start/stop reset, fault, speed reference etc. I have used them on AB drives in the past although I do not remember the model. The beauty is being able to peer cop right out of the Quantum MB+ plus port
The 1397 drive is a Reliance DC drive with an A-B front end and SCANport interface.

Prosoft makes Modbus and Modbus Plus interfaces to SCANport that work very well. These networks aren't suitable for synchronising drives in an
application like a paper machine, but for logging data or tweaking the drive during run mode they're great.

The only other network I can think of that the two platforms have in common is DeviceNet, but it will be much easier on the Quantum end to use Modbus.


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Andrew Piereder

I believe the 1397 is scanport compatible which would allow you to use Prosoft's 1560 MBP module to allow scanport compatible drives to exist on Modbus Plus networks. Contact Prosoft directly
(www.prosoft-technology.com) or your Allen-Bradley distributor (its an Encompass product....)

Andy Piereder
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