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I am working for one project which has GE Fanuc 90-30PLC and I am using Versa Pro for ladder programming. It has CPU 360,one CCM, one DI, one AI and one HSC. I will be using only 16 DI's, 2 AI's and one HSC.

I am suppose to store 15 days of data in PLC, which can be seen in Data Panel 150 and 160 (GE Fanuc). Can anyone tell about the logic of how to store data's in PLC's?? It will be very much helpful, If anyone having sample Ladder programs about this, can send as an attachment.

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Do the math. If you log only one data point at 1 minute intervals you will be logging 1440 points a day or more than 20K points for 15 days. Each point will require at least one %R location for storage. This is an application for some form of SCADA which will not only allow you to log the data but also trend it and manipulate it as needed. If you still need some programming help, email me. I have some library apps that I can send you.

Paul Morin
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Dear Mr.Paul,
Thank you very much for your kind co-operation. Actually I suppose to do 90 operations in a day, where each operation takes around 50 bytes memory space.
I do not know much abt ladder programming, facility available and its flexibility in programming. I appreciate If you can send any samples, library apps which contains storing data in PLC's.
Also please tell how I can compare one number(say: int x) with 67 integer numbers which already stored in some memory location. Is there any looping available in ladder programming.