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We are systems integrators and we are interesting in AIMAX for Enterprise V5.2 but we have several doubts about it:

1. - We have different SMAR instruments (LD301, TT301) that uses the HART protocol. In the Internet WEB page related to the AIMAX for Enterprise price list, in the section of Device Driver Protocol, in HART Devices, the LD301 and TT301 is listed, but some people told us that when they had installed the AIMAX for Enterprise version 5.2 it had not supported HART protocol. Question: Do AIMAX for Enterprise support the HART protocol for these instruments or we have to use an extra OPC Hart Server Software to communicate with then?

2. - The AIMAX White Paper document mention the Redundant (Backup) SCADA server and the side-by-side backup node, but the Developer's Guide
and Installation Guide not mention those type of SCADA nodes. Question: Is AIMAX for Enterprise version 5.2 equipped with those types of SCADA

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I was under the impression that TA Engineering (the creators) of AIMAX had ceased operations. We had a client (an OEM) using AIMAX and an OPC server on their product machines. When TA ceased operations we converted their AIMAX SCADA applications to Visual BASIC and retained the OPC server. This worked out well and resulted in a considerable cost savings.

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Rick Hudson
You can contact SMAR, Brazil to get the updated information about AIMAX since you are going to connect SMAR instruments.

Contact details:

Mr. Renato A. Bonadio
E-mail: [email protected]

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