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Randy Williamson

I need to control valves that are located on the other side of a highway from the main control. Distance is less than 1000'. Long range radios seem like overkill and are relatively expensive. Is there a cheaper short range device? I'm currently using a battery device with no communication whatsoever with the main control, so I'm open to all options.


Johan Bengtsson

It does depend on if you want an off the shelf product or if you want to make a solution partly yourself.

How wide is the highway only?

One solution is to take a radio based home remote control and put the sender on one side of the highway and the reciever on the other and go by wire the rest of the way. If your bandwidht requirement are low enough (really low) this would work. I don't know about reliability but it might not be an issue (you have to answer that yourself).

/Johan Bengtsson

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