Radio Modems and VNC/SCADA


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I have two (xstream-pkg serial port) radio modems. R1 beside the SCADA and R2 at the office. I need to use VNC to monitor/control the scada from the office. But VNC needs IP address, so what to do? Any suggestions... alternative ways to build this? (I got serial-ethernet adapter, cabling it as straight-through not cross-over, did not work.) Otherwise modems works fine, can communicate to each, really plug and play, no pray.

Let just mention that 1st time I build up this by using GSM modems, but it turned out to be too slow, way too slow connection. (1st had to Dial-up and then open VNC, works, tho.) No landline possibilities (ethernet/phone lines).


Brian E Boothe

well number one u need ethernet radios for starters. Junk that serial port crap and go ethernet, much easier grasshopper.