Radios, Modems and Surge protectors


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Peter Bubik

Can you recommend good Line Drivers / Short Haul Modems and strategies for lightning protection?

I need to establish communication from one PLC to another. The path is through the mountains and goes as follows:
IntakePLC <--> LineDriver <--> 1900mCable <--> LineDriver <--> MDSRadio <--> 2kmLineOfSight <--> MDSRadio <--> LineDriver <--> 300mCable <--> LineDriver <--> MuxBM85000 <--> PowerHousePLC

The equipment we have settled on:
PLCs - Both Modicon
1900mCable - 4pair double shielded 18 gauge
Radios - MDS9810 Spread spectrum freq. hopping
300mCable - shielded comms cable?? - good comms.
Multiplexer - MUX BM85000

The question is what do I use for lightning protection and line drivers.

1. The radios guarantee 19.2kbps throughput(any experience with these? Can you confirm that?), I'd hate the line drivers to be the bottleneck - so we need something that will go at least 19.2kbps. I'd also like to use the same type of line drivers for both, the 300m and the 1900m (and have only a couple of spares). Do you have any experience with this sort of application? What is a good equipment to use? (Reliability is #1, price #2)

2. Both of the radios have antennas 100ft high on comm towers. The towers will have lightning rods and the coax will go through Polifasor(?) in-line lightning surge protector. I understand that this unit will not deal with direct hit. What is commonly done in these cases? Should I just go with it and add some optical isolators along the path? What works good and what doesn't? Any experience with these?

Any comments are greatly appreciated
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