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I am looking for a Rain Gauge with 4-20mA output and automatic water discharge.

Does anyone know where I can find one device like this?

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John Dickerman at Global Water...http://www.globalw.com Tell him I sent


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Eric M. Klintworth

The most common type of rain gauge designed for automatic reading is called a "tipping bucket". It looks like a teeter-todder (child's
playground equipment; also called a see-saw) with a small bucket (or cup) on each end (instead of the child). A funnel is positioned above it so that the rain fills the bucket on the end of the teeter-todder that is up. When the calibrated amount of rain is in the bucket, the teeter-todder tilts, dumping the full bucket, positioning the empty bucket under the funnel, and briefly closing a switch during the tilt.

The switch is usually a magnetic reed switch. Each switch closure typically equals 0.01 inches or 0.2mm of rain, depending on the calibration. You just count the switch closures to get total rainfall. You can easily calculate the rate per hour, or day, etc., in almost any PLC or whatever.

One reasonably priced model I've used is at the URL below; there's a good picture, too. We've had one in service for about three years. We
have the heater option so we can measure snowfall, but maybe that isn't an issue for you (.br is Brazil, right?). There are certainly pricer models available, with jeweled bearings, stainless steel construction, and such--it depends on your needs.


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