Ratio Control


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please help me getting any e-resources
on Ratio control techniques for Blending Process,
Boiler modelling

Osvaldo O. de Alencar

Please, tell me more about your needs. I had some experience on developing automated blend control using Modicon PLC and Intouch software, applying recipes techniques and speed control.
I do not remember where I replied in that forum but someone wanted to know about the level control of boiler drum. If that would be your problem, I gave good guidelines. Look under my name in that forum. As you do not describe the part ot the boiler of interest, we end here. Sorry.
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Did you get an answer; I have an Allen-Bradley solution if you offer more input. Basically a Linear Equation with slope and offset. Perhaps an adjustable slope.

Provide a Manual/Auto selection and run process in manual, collect data and reuse it in auto mode for a bumbless transfer. Via a series of Copy and Mask Moves you can accomplish this project short time.