RDS License Servers (Microsoft)

The problem we have is that a SERVER 2016 RDS HOST machine will not change the path to read the new SERVER2016 RDS LICENSE server. Instead, it keeps looking at the old one, which failed.

We have tried to execute the Powershell commands on the Host to reconfigure, but it's not working. The only machine that has a broker running is EWS, We have 2 License servers called DOMCONT1 & TERTIARY

Set-RDLicenseConfiguration -LicenseServer @("DOMCONT1.PIPELAY.LOCAL","TERTIARY.PIPELAY.LOCAL") -Mode PerUser -ConnectionBroker "EWS.PIPELAY.LOCAL"

RDS Diagnoser keeps telling us that it cannot contact domcont.pipelay.local which is the old License and domain server that died rather than DOMCONT1.PIPELAY.LOCAL.


Yes its a Domain COntroller for Thin Manger, on a Pipelaying system. hence posted under NETWORKING
Hi, You had a domain controller on which was installed the RDS licence server (not a recommended practice), so now you don't have it the domain permissions can't allow your service to access the old domain which had the credentials for running the service. Assuming you swapped domain controllers successfully, even so, this is to be expected. However, as I have not done this I would refer you to a competent domain admin. Note here: active directory - Can you switch the domain of a 2012 R2 server with RDS installed? - Server Fault. This not simple, it would appear. Good support essential.