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Rob Martin

I haven't carefully reviewed the general public license, but I am all for a license that requires any program or module that includes code
developed by this community (even include *.h) to be open. I'm willing to donate my time to help develop a tool that anyone can use, and will
suffice to profit in complementary ways. I'm willing to do this because I want these tools freely available. I do not want my code integrated
into someone else's spendy package.

Having said that, I'm definitely not opposed to commercial extensions and applications using LinuxPLC. I think we should provide interfaces
that encourage it, if for no other reason than to make the package extensible regardless of commercial or non-commercial interests. But if
you or I wrote a section of "their" code as part of our commitment to this project and this community, I think it must be open.

I understand that this could stifle corporate involvement. I'm not 100% certain that is a bad thing. If K-Tel's stock can shoot up because
somebody decided to use an open operating system, there's a good chance that sticking to our guns on free software will pay off. We are creating
a tool. We may also affect the controls industry.

Let me go a step further. I work closely with Allen Bradley (as well as AutomationDirect), and although I can't claim inside information on
either company, I've been exposed to some pretty significant attitude changes all around. I live in the Milwaukee area and many of my friends
work at A-B. I buy A-B. I program A-B. Most importantly, I've been impressed by some very refreshing attitudes I've seen around A-B people.
I think there's an excellent chance that A-B, and other controls giants, will not shun our efforts for fear of open source software.

As usual, I've opened my mouth before my eyes, so I'll go back and read the GPL and LGPL now, and perhaps revise my views later based on what I
understand -- as well as how much flaming I attract by asking us to keep this project free.


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