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Karim Ouaddane

Hi all,
I would like to get involved, 12 years in control systems ranging from subsea control
systems, turbin to pharmaceutical, also MSc in robotics.
Can anyone of you E-mail me the functional spec and the links to get RTlinx, I also need to know what would like me to help with.

Karim Ouaddane
Systems design engineer
VTC Controls Ltd.

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Welcome aboard!!!

{Disclaimer: I am NOT the leader or moderator. I just saw your post and figured I would jump in. Curt can correct me at any time. If I mispeak terribly, let me know, and I will smack myself accordingly!}

Start at and read through some of the message archive (start with the most recent, as the older stuff gets kind of hard after a while).

Also, go to the CVS area, and look through the Who's Who list. Mr. Curt Wuollett is the leader of our band.

As for a functional spec, there isn't one. There is some loosely organized info in the doc's directory of CVS relating to the memory manager and others, but for the most part, there isn't a defined spec. Our group nearly disbanded, and we did lose a couple of good people because of arguments that broke out over things that really don't need to be addressed this early in the game.

As far as what to work on, pick something you are good at and run with it. Curt is working with IO hardware and drivers, Hugh Jack is working on a GUI and logic engine, Jiri Baum is working on memory management and configurations. Others are working in their areas of expertise.

I will have to defer to Curt as far as what is the priorities of what needs to get done, but I am certain that whatever you can help with would be greatly appreciated!!!!

I am trying to take care of documentation as we go along, but I am not much of a C programmer, so maybe I can have you assist in the translation some as well.

As I said, Welcome to the group. Read the archives, and that should buy enough time for us to get some projects at you!

--Joe Jansen

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Curt Wuollet

Hi Karim

We are plodding along with a pilot of sorts at the moment. Object being to get a bare minimum system going to answer questions and develop I/O. This is kinda design by comittee and there is no spec as of yet. Jiri and I have been slogging through the first parts and we are now at the point of doing a reference cut on an I/O process. For this pass go back about a month in the archives and follow it here. We have lots of lurkers and not much code but the next big push
will come when we light up Jiri's Memory manager and an I/O card. I am working on the IO card part, porting a driver from kernel 2.0.0 to 2.2.X I've been swamped and I haven't heard much from Jiri either but we're about due to move again. Stick around, I'm sure you can find a place to help out.



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