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Bruce Durdle

"Bling" - good word - is what will sell a system to the bean counters/managers and drive the operators up the wall.

Each item on an HMI graphics page should be checked for its expected relevance to an operator. One reason I hate the term HMI is that it hides the facts that we are talking about an operator interface so that the communications channel from the plant to the operator's brain is as efficient as possible. If he/she has to squint a little harder to see a value because the surrounds have unnecessary detail, we are adding noise to the channel.

The same goes with moving things. These are distracting and may also mask other changes. An operator is not going to stare at a single display screen for the whole of an 8-hour shift, and will often rely on changes to attract attention - our peripheral vision is very good at picking up changes or movement cos it could mean a saber toothed tiger is trying to sneak up on us. Movement/changes can e used effectively to attract attention - but only if not masked by other moving things. Operator interfaces are a good place to apply the KISS principle.