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I have developed one software for Medical Laboratories in VB.

Now I want to read data from one Analyser (which can be connected to computer through serial port).

I am using MScomm Activex control for that purpose.But the sent items not in correct order and some unrecogonized characters are come with output. Pls suggest a solution. The baud rate, parity and all other properties are set accourding to that machine.

If any other control for connecting to serial port pls suggest.

How can I complete this successfully. Now I require this facility as requirement from one of my client.

If you can help me mail to me in detail.

Yours faithfully,
Sailesh.v ( [email protected])
Dear Sir
I have developed analyzer’s readers in VB using the same component (MScomm).

These characters can be “translated” using ASCII code and the analyzer’s communication protocol. You can find this protocol in the company that made the analyzer.

The most common way of communication is this. The procedure of analysis repeated again and again in very close time distances. In every circle of this procedure the analyzer gives to the serial port one report (that is written in the same dedicated way). This report caries the values that you can read using commands like LEFT(String), VAL(String) and other text commands.

It’s mast for you to find the dedicated protocol for analyzer communications.
With respect
Aris Papathanasiou
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