Read Device Identification (43/13) and Object Id for serial number

I have proposal to ModBus protocol specification:

Add new Object Id to table on page 43 (specification 1.1b3 from April 26, 2012):
0x07 | SerialNumber | ASCII String | Optional | Regular
0x08 | EUI-64 | 8 bytes | Optional | Regular

Serial Number can be used, if VendorName guarantee, that this number is unique for specified VendorName.

EUI-64 is very simple way to get unique identification for any device in anywhere.
EUI-64 support simple conversion, if device have only builtin EUI-48 (adding FF FE bytes in the middle).
EUI-64 is compatible with other, modern communication protocol (in example Ethernet, IPv6, LoRaWAN).

This request is major for auto discovery feature and can help in making standarised tools for modbus device inventory/discovery.