Read/Write data from PLC to Excel or Access


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Giving a little background of my situation first might make it easy for you guys to help me out. I am an student and i have just started (3 days ago) programming on PLC. Within a week i have to come up with report on Excel/Access for the no. of parts produced, unit time of production etc. for multiple products. And also to feed some commands back from Excel to the PLC based on the report.

I am using SCL 500 processor from Allen Bradley, with ether net connection. I am programming on RSlogixs 5.

i search through different forums and found examples of using DDE, OPC and .cvs to capture data from plc, please guide me which will be appropriate for my case.

How can i get only the required data from plc,

for all this how much and exactly what knowledge should i have about the VB programming language

Can i use Kepware OPC server (free version) for this purpose as i only have RSLinx Lite at the university.

I hope i have made my situation quite clear, if you guys want me get any further information please let me know.

Please consider me as a very beginner and explain in detail the whole idea and process behind it.

Thanks in advance,