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Mark Meng

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I am using Genesis (VBA integrated) to developing UI. VBA script is able to get screen objects even local tags quite easily, but no functions
provided in the package to access OPC tag directly from the VBA. Anybody has experience of this?

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ScriptWorx32 that comes (free of charge) with Genesis32 is our scripting package based on VBA 6.0. If you use ScriptWorx32 to create your scripts, you can enter a new script via the "Edit" menu. Then add an "Event script"
and in so doing, you will see a button entitled "Expression Editor". Selecting this will give you access to the OPC tags.
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Victor Morozov

You can add to VBA project mdlOpcAutomation class
(..\bin\ScriptWizard\OpcAutomation) and add reference OpcAutomatin 2.0 in Tools\References it allows you to use functions GetOpcValue and SetOpcValue.
Victor Morozov
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