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hello guys i m trying to read and write information from/to a powerflex 70 drive, the size of my reference/feedback and datalinks according to the drive model are 16 bits. i m trying to read/write info using a message instruction on a control logix plc, the communication path i m using is DNET, 2, 1 but i cant stablish communication. the error i receiving is: error code 16#0013, error text configuration data size too short. i dont know if anyone has any experience with this kind of drives, i would apreciate any advice so i could solve my problem. thanks a lot and wait for any answer.

I had the same problem with a powerflex 70 drive on CNET. What the AB documentation does not tell you is that you have to set up the size in both Networx and in the parameters of the drive communication adaptor. Get with AB tech support for how to do this in DNET, everyone has had this issue on their first startup (and they still haven't fixed the documentation!) BTW, the size is in words, not bits.
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If you provide me with more information about your application and drive communications setup, I may be able to help.

I am a developer of customer training for Rockwell Autmation, and have recently created materials for the PowerFlex family of drives.

Feel free to contact me off-list at [email protected] to discuss your situation in more detail

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First, you shouldn't have to use an MSG instruction in the ControlLogix to run the I/O connection of the PowerFlex drive with 20COMM-D interface. That data should be mapped to the 1756-DNB data table using RSNetworx for DeviceNet software. T. Connolly pointed out that the I/O sizes need to match; it's 4 bytes for Command/Reference and 4 bytes for each DataLink you enable.

Second, there is more information in the MSG instruction than just the path. Post all the information about your source tag, destination tag, Service number, class, instance, and attribute and somebody might be able to answer your question.

I have commissioned dozens of PowerFlex 70 drives on DeviceNet but I can't answer your question without more information about how you intend the system to operate.

The Control.Com forum is a good general-purpose forum but because it's moderated it's also not real-time and is not as good for technical support. It will be faster for you to contact A-B technical support, or give a try at the Drives Technical Support Forum at