Reading a *.apa file with PanelBuilder32


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I’m running PanelBuilder 32 and a customer sent me a *.apa file.

Panelbuilder32 tells me that this file is an old version file.

It will take twice as long for loading under the version of PanelBuilder32.

Perform a “Save as Type: PanelBuilder32 (*.PBA)” to improve performance.

When I click OK it gives me an error pbconv stating Unable to load file. Not a Panelbuilder32 file or the is corrupted or disk space is low.

So, how do I convert this if I only have PanelBuilder32?

Bob Peterson

APA files are for Panelview Plus terminals. You shouldn't be able to open them in Panelbuilder. You would need RSView Studio.
I think this is a RSView ME or SE (Enterprise) file type and you can't open or convert it with PB32. You have to buy Enterprise ~$500-700

Trevor Ousey \(List Bigpond\)

Mark, *.apa files are backups of Panelview Plus's not the standard Panelview's, and created by RSView Studio. Panelbuilder32 is not suitable
for these files or Panelview Plus.

You must use RSView Machine edition for files *.apa You can convert aplication of PanelBuilder32 to RSView Machine edition but I not sure files *.apa to *.PBA